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Human Energy (2018) Full Documentary

This is a story about modern hobbits, who, frightened by the prospect of life after climate change, decide to take power into their own hands. They implement a circular economy in the power industry sector by establishing renewable energy cooperatives and produce their own energy. There are countries where everyone can earn from renewable energy business more than from bank deposit. Would 5% convince you to change your energy supplier? Give up fossil fuels? Stop feeding the greed of multinational corporations? To stop feeling like FUEL. What are the profits and benefits of a circular economy? How to change obsolete thinking and technologies into dispersed sustainable power engineering? More than 2,500 energy cooperatives in Europe have already checked and still believe in the responsible approach. From tales of dozens of people from 12 European countries (England, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Italy) a modern chronicle has been created that boldly breaks the stereotypical approach to finding those responsible for climate change. In a surprising way, the issues of economics, geopolitics, and power engineering additionally bring in more than a dozen outstanding scholars among others: Prof. Vincenzo Balzani from the University of Bologna, Prof. Brian Vad Mathiesen from the Aalborg University in Denmark, or Doc. Bernard Laponche, French pioneer of nuclear energy. The document with humor presents a cross-section of energy and social solutions tested but unknown to the regular audience.