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Keeping Britain Fed (2020) Full Documentary

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, the supermarkets have become like the UK’s fourth emergency service. While most people have been staying safe in their homes, an army of workers across the country have been putting themselves at risk and working round the clock to keep us all fed. Sara Cox and Ade Adepitan have access to some of Britain’s biggest supermarkets and their suppliers to see how their systems have stood up to the most testing time in their history. Sara finds out what goes on in one supermarket over 24 hours - from opening to closing and all through the night - to see how they are coping during the crisis.

And Ade sees how the nation's farms, factories and depots have risen to the challenge to produce and supply our supermarkets with food in these exceptional circumstances. Sara and Ade gain insights into exactly how Britain's shopping habits have changed during the crisis, discover why the supply system almost reached breaking point and explore the long-term impacts of the pandemic on the way Britain shops.