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Richard Bangs' Adventures with Purpose: Egypt, Quest for the Lord of the Nile (2007) Full Documentary

Egypt is a vast desert with a searing sun beating down. For millennia, only by the grace of the waters of the Nile did people and creatures thrive in this land. Rain almost never fell. But once a year the river magically surged with water, flooding the land and leaving fertile black soil to nourish the crops. And with this annual flood, thousands of crocodiles washed into the lives of the Ancient Egyptians. Death by crocodile was common. The scaly beast exacted both fear and awe. The Lord of the Nile made his way into the great tombs of kings and deep into the psyche of the ancients. But as time and technology changed, the Lord of the Nile slowly disappeared. Hunting, pollution and the Aswan dam robbed the river of its ancient consort. Today there are reports that crocodiles are making a miraculous return in the south of Egypt. Our goal is to catch a glimpse of this legendary creature and along the way to come to know the powerful god, Sobek, that he inspired thousands of years ago.